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About Us

Italian food is among the most famous cuisines in the world. Wherever you go in the world, whether it be France, Germany, the United States or any other country around the world you’ll find several Italian restaurants with the best reputation.

What is special about the Italian restaurants that they have great taste when it comes to food, beside they really care and control their ingredients very carefully to create a well balanced dish. Their dishes are considered not just a well done food but rather an art.

What makes our Italian restaurant stand out from different Italian restaurants in Egypt, the approach our restaurant took. We took the modern approach. Every dish is made out carefully planned and prepared before being served to the customer.


Wood fire


Pizza can be cooked in different ways. It can be cooked by an electric oven, gas oven but what we chose is significantly different. We chose to cook it through a wood fire oven. Not just any kind of wood, we use a significant kind so it would put favour inside of the pizza while it is being cooked. Another benefit of the wood fire oven that it cooks the pizza slowly which creates another favour inside the bread of the pizza itself.

We have chosen the best ingredient for our pizzas. We also know how to mix and match the ingredients for a perfect pizza choice.

If you want to create your own kind of pizza, you are in the right place. Raffaello  has given its client the benefit to create their own kind of pizza. From our side we can guarantee the well chosen perfect ingredients to create your perfect  customized made pizza.




What differentiate Raffaello’s pasta is that it is daily‎ homemade to serve the client with its most fresh taste and high quality. Ultimately, homemade pasta always has its unique rich flavor that can be felt from the first bite, along with the high nutrition value reflected through its ingredients.

In Raffaello’s kitchen we cook different plates of pasta to fit every taste, and fulfil all expectations, starting from the traditional Bolognese, and ending with our  dish creatively made with cocoa, orange sauce, and shrimps or herring.

Secondo Plates



Dry age meat is a new recipe for cooking meat that has been very lately introduced to Egypt and our restaurant proudly presents itself as the first restaurant to achieve this way of cooking. The idea of the dry age meat, is to take the cold cuts of the meat, suck all the air from it through a very special accurate machines. When you alienate the air from the meat and left with all the herbs, all the bacteria dies and the herbs enters the core of the meat. It is usually left in the fridge from to 2 weeks up to 1 month or more in an temperature close to 0 degree.

That is the reason behind its name ‘dry age meat’. This special way of cooking gives the meat the privilege of high intensity of flavours and produces very soft and jousy taste in the mouth. The right words to describe that experience : ” Each bight melts in the mouth. ”

Gastronomic Kitchen



Gastronomic kitchen means that the source of each ingredient and each way of cooking can be perfectly guaranteed as healthy. All our ingredients are 100% organic.
Most of our dishes are cooked by steam that is thanks to our well equipped professional kitchen machines.
Steamed cooked dishes are known for having very low rate of fat and Crystal.
We are that our food is full of nutritions. You will eat as much as you want and you won’t fell 1% of guilt afterwards.


In House


Everything is baked in our own kitchens. Starting with the homemade pasta and ending with the bread.

We always do care for minor details. We don’t want to be missing anything.


Vegeterian &


Vegan need special care because their food is so hard to find in a restaurant.

In Raffaello we care about their needs and provide them with the most delicious food they have ever tasted.